Friday, July 23, 2010

Check out Rachel Barenblat's Mother/Shabbat Poem (David)

I really like this poem by Rachel Barenblat, aka The Velveteen Rabbi.  I enjoy the following image, especially.
a voice says cry out!
and you cry out
bewailing the tragedy of separation
until I gather you to my breast
I find the motherhood/Shabbat metaphor more familiar and therefore much more evocative than both the queen/Shabbat and the bride/Shabbat metaphors.  That is, the idea of Shabbat as coming home to the comforting embrace of a parent speaks to me in a way that Shabbat as the coming of a queen does not.  Partially, that's because I'm a new father, and I can almost understand the literal meaning of these lines.  It's not only that.  I guess I'll reflect on what else.

There was another theme for this poem relating to Shabbat Nachamum, literally a Comfort Shabbat relating to the Torah reading.  I don't know much about that.  Maybe we'll learn about it tomorrow.

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