Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Shabbat Dabbler (David)

Hi, and welcome to The Shabbat Dabbler. The point of this blog is to describe my family's attempts to observe Shabbat.

The idea is simple, as is the reason behind it. We have a new family. I've been married to my wife, Sasha, for a little over two years. My daughter, Lanie, was born a little over a year ago. As a new working father, time is at a premium. I have keep in my mind what I have to do next, along with what I'm doing now.  It's much the same for Sasha. The trouble is that through focusing on tasks, we become disconnected from our reasons for actions - primarily (but not only) the people in our lives. We're going to try dabbling in observing Shabbat with the thought that we'll connect better with family and friends.

I'll, especially, try to connect better with  friends, as I have structured my life so that my nuclear family are often the only social relations I have in a given week.  Any spiritual benefit that comes as a result, is gravy.  That's what this this blog is about.
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