Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shabbat Plans: 7/23 - 7/24 2010 (David)

Here's how we're going to plan our Shabbat observance this weekend. As we're starting slow, it's not going to fill up too much with stuff. Here's the highlights.

We normally go grocery shopping on Saturday morning. One of us drives to Fairway in Red Hook, while the other stays home with Lanie. In order to drive to Fairway and get back home without spending an inordinate amount of time, we have to leave early. Otherwise, food shopping takes a significant part of the day.

We're going to skip Saturday morning shopping. With shul (see next), it just doesn't fit in. And, to say the least, shopping doesn't fit very well with Shabbat.

So, here's our plan. Sasha is going to Sahadi's to get hummus and tabbouleh, and to the Damascus Bakery to get pita. We've got cheese, vegetables, and olives aplenty. We've also got chocolate. We're pescatarians, so there's no question about going to the butcher. I'll get a bottle of wine, maybe a vinho verde, for Friday night.

We'll have this food for Friday night dinner. Yeah, I know that doesn't sound all that special. But you'll only say that if you've never had Damascus Bakery Pita!

I'm going to come home on Friday night and clean before it gets dark. It's so much less stressful being in an apartment when it's clean. And we'll be in our apartment a bit - if it's 90+ degrees outside, it may be unbearable to be anywhere else.

We're currently shul-shopping. Last week we went to a local Reform Synagogue - one of several in our area of central Brooklyn. It was a sparsely attended service, led by one of the members, as the Rabbi is on vacation. We enjoyed it, but it was difficult to get a sense of what it was like. This week we're going to another local shul, one that's closer to home. The Rabbi is also on vacation at this shul, but the services will be conducted by a student Rabbi.

Sasha's brother is in town, and we'll be spending Saturday afternoon till Sabbath's end with him. Great planning!

Other Plans
We have no other plans but the above. We'll probably take Lanie to the park, and to the swings. Maybe we'll watch a movie. There's no real time for much else, Shabbat is actually short!

This is going to be our second attempt at a Sabbath. We may try integrating some other things. But mostly, it's going to be about play and rest.
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