TSD's Melachot

Okay, okay.  I'm not a Rabbi.  I've got no business saying what work is forbidden and what isn't.  As I've indicated here, I'm really not into rules, at least for now.  But I am going to record some "forbidden" activities as they occur to me.  But, see, these are not just forbidden activities for Shabbat.  They're forbidden for this blog.

Are they strict?  Sorta.  But who knows what exceptions there might be.  So here's a log of them, as we think of them.

1. No Israeli Politics (July 23, 2010)

Suppose melachah means 'work with a positive purpose', or something like that (see discussion here).  Arguing about Israeli politics, therefore, either has a positive purpose, a destructive purpose, or no purpose at all.  If it has a positive purpose, it's melachah and (therefore) forbidden.  If it has a negative or destructive purpose, it doesn't fit in the spirit of Shabbat, at least according to us Dabblers.  If it has no purpose at all, there's got to be a better way to relax.  So, no Israeli politics.

Seriously, though.  We're shul-shopping and one of the desiderata is a shul that limits its Israeli politics.  I (David) grew up in an area where Rabbis seemed Israel-obsessed.  I never found that enjoyable, which is one reason I stayed away.

As far as this blog is concerned, comments are moderated.  So, political Israel talk is straight-out.  There's no quicker way to start flame wars or instance Godwin's Law than discussions about Israeli politics.

There may be more Melachot later.  We hope they'll be more amusing.